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Gutter Cleaning in Glasgow & Edinburgh

SKYVAC - the World's leading Professional Gutter & High Reach Vacuuming System

The sky's the limit when using this revolutionary gutter and high reach cleaning system. The unique user friendly design of our cleaning systems offers many advantages for our customers.

  • No mess. It sucks gutters clean using a powerful vacuum cleaner
  • No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment
  • A safe solution for cleaning high buildings such as hospitals, offices and domestic properties
  • On board camera for precision cleaning
  • Light and easy to use
  • Allows access to restricted areas
  • For both domestic and commercial properties

SkyVac™ 85 Industrial Specifications

2 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of Water Lift (Most 3 motor vacuum will give 90″ Water Lift).

  • Commercial Wet & Dry vacuum
  • Carbon fibre poles 1.5 metres long
  • 6 metres of flexi pick up hose
  • Crevice tool
  • Steel dirt breaker
  • Tapered end tool
  • Daily end tool and long reach tool
  • 135 degree blue tool holder
  • 180 degree blue tool holder
  • Pole and accessory carrying bag

Vacuum specification (Industrial)

  • Air flow Movement: 6600 Litres per minute (Maximum)
  • Motor wattage: 2600 max (2 motors)
  • Decibel level:
  • Container capacity: 78 Litres
  • Mains connection: 240 volt or 110 volt
  • Height: 108cm
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Power Cable Length: 8 metres

2 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving a unrivalled suction hold power of 150 inches of Water Lift/Grass Lift (Typical 3 motor vacuum will give 90″ Water Lift)

Choose the height you wish to reach

  • 6 metres (20 feet)
  • 7.5 metres (25 feet)
  • 9 metres (30 feet)
  • 10.5 metres (34 feet)

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